Installation Tutorial

1) Download and unzip PSX_1_13.rar in a folder.

2) Then, unzip every files of bios.rar into the folder "bios" of the emulator, it could possibly ask you to browse your folder to choose the best one. Choose scph1001.bin this is the european one.

3) Run psxfin.exe, a message appear select your language and press OK.

4) Unizip every files of PSX_Net_Yaroze_(83_Games).rar where you want, be sure to find them. Cdimages folder of the emulator PSX for exemple.

5)Press "files" and "Use an Iso" and Browse your files to find "NET_YAROZE_COLLECTION.BIN"

6) The game is starting, the picture could possibly freeze, then go to file> reload pSX

The game is starting completly you can now enjoy every 83 ROMS Net YAROZE ! Have fun !

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